Kois Track – Course VI & VII – Implants Fixed & Removable

Mar 7-11, 2016

Implants: Fixed Retained

The use of implants in general practice has created both new levels of excitement and frustration. This course will dispel the “hype”, which is not brand specific, and will focus on what is critical for predictable success. Clinical management for predictably restoring any implant system will be discussed. In addition, the five keys for peri-implant esthetics will be provided for more predictable implementation.

Course Objectives

  • Learn to integrate treatment planning parameters such as biomechanical considerations, number of remaining teeth, hard and soft tissue considerations and peri-implant esthetics to create a recipe for success in managing tooth replacement with implants
  • Improve referral communication in managing the treatment planning, placement and restoration of implants
  • Improve clinical management of fixed implant restorative cases

Implants: Removable Retained

This course presents a step-by-step approach to restoring the challenging edentulous and partially edentulous patient. Esthetic and functional factors, unique to the edentulous and partial edentulous patient, will be discussed. The program will include techniques for impression making, capturing jaw relation records, establishing vertical dimension and positioning teeth for esthetic excellence. Special emphasis will be made on attachments and framework design for fixed and removable combination cases.

Course Objectives

  • Learn to comprehensively evaluate patients, incorporating factors unique to the edentulous and partially edentulous patient
  • Learn to evaluate and include treatment options, including implants, which serve to enhance success
  • Learn simplified, accurate and logical systems for the predictable fabrication of removable restorations
  • Learn to incorporate occlusal concepts and maxillofacial considerations which improve function and esthetics

By popular demand the Kois Center has created the Kois Track Program: an opportunity for participants to attend the equivalent of two Kois Courses in one full week.

This revised course structure will allow participants to complete the full Kois Course Curriculum in a more systematic fashion as well as create a unique setting for enhanced level of teaching and discussion.

Additional benefits of the Kois Track Program include more efficient use of both travel and course time, while saving $795 on two Kois Courses.

Prerequisites Required:

    • Course I – Treatment Planning I
    • Course II – Functional Occlusion I
    • Course III – Restorative/Periodontal Interface

Exception: For those specialists who are eligible to become a Kois Recognized Specialist, course prerequisites are modified to require completion of only Courses I & II prior to attendance. Click here to learn more about Kois Recognized Specialist.


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