Kois Track – Course IV & V – Biomechanics I & II

Jan 25-29, 2016

Biomechanics I: Fundamentals for Cohesively and Adhesively Retained Restorations

The parameters for tooth preparation have become much more complicated. This course will eliminate the confusion about when to use cohesively retained vs adhesively retained restorations and develop predictable parameters for each. Step by step techniques will be described to prepare partial and full coverage preparations, anterior veneer preparations, and posterior bonded porcelain preparations. Tooth preparation surface management, will be discussed to eliminate post-operative sensitivity and create appropriate luting agent selection and bonding protocols. In addition, all the different core materials and ceramic systems will be discussed.

Course Objectives

  • Understand functional preparations
  • Know the advantages of veneers vs. full coverage restorations
  • Understand when to use cohesively retained restorations
  • Understand when to use adhesively retained restorations

Biomechanics II: Impressioning, Provisionals and Foundation Restorations

This course is designed to focus on learning predictable impressioning (what to use and when), materials selection and fabrication for direct and indirect provisionalization, and management of structurally compromised teeth (pins, posts or bonding). The limitations of the restorative requirements will be discussed to develop a decision process of when to restore or extract a tooth.

Course Objectives

  • Learn predictable impressioning
  • Learn how to create provisional restorations and understand their function
  • Understand the need for and the limitations of foundational restorations

By popular demand the Kois Center has created the Kois Track Program: an opportunity for participants to attend the equivalent of two Kois Courses in one full week.

This revised course structure will allow participants to complete the full Kois Course Curriculum in a more systematic fashion as well as create a unique setting for enhanced level of teaching and discussion.

Additional benefits of the Kois Track Program include more efficient use of both travel and course time, while saving $795 on two Kois Courses.

Prerequisites Required:

  • Course I – Treatment Planning I
  • Course II – Functional Occlusion I

Strongly Recommended (but not required):

  • Course III – Restorative/Periodontal Interface


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