Kois Track – Course I & II – Treatment Planning I & Functional Occlusion I

Dec 8-12, 2014

Treatment Planning I: Diagnostically Driven

This course is designed to focus on the four essential components in the decision making process: esthetics, function, periodontology and biomechanics. An evidenced based scientific approach to risk management will be developed to create more predictable outcomes from your treatment. A system will be outlined to provide efficient case presentation and management. This will prevent common diagnostic and treatment problems.

Course Objectives

  • Learn to comprehensively evaluate patients through simplified, systematic documentation
  • Learn to evaluate by a risk assessment protocol, and triage the four major diagnostic parameters that effect and define success in treatment outcomes
  • Learn to transfer treatment planning techniques to case presentation that leads to patient acceptance

Functional Occlusion I: Science Driven Management

Understanding the role occlusion plays relating to wear, mobility, TMD, stability, and restorative failure is critical. By focusing on diagnosis, the practitioner will be able to develop the parameters to create more successful restorative results and know when complex treatment may not be necessary. This course will also provide a hands-on workshop for facebow management and jaw relation records following deprogramming.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the various occlusal philosophies and the role they play in restorative dentistry
  • Become familiar with the multitude of factors that contribute to tooth wear
  • Learn four functional diagnoses that help establish functional risk and prognosis
  • Achieve accurate diagnostic records by gaining an understanding of how and when to deprogram the masticatory system
  • Learn the objectives of equilibration and gain the skills required to successfully implement

By popular demand the Kois Center has created the Kois Track Program: an opportunity for participants to attend the equivalent of two Kois Courses in one full week.

This revised course structure will allow participants to complete the full Kois Course Curriculum in a more systematic fashion as well as create a unique setting for enhanced level of teaching and discussion.

Additional benefits of the Kois Track Program include more efficient use of both travel and course time, while saving $795 on two Kois Courses.


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