Kois – Surgical Implant Management II

Sep 24-26, 2015

Many current or proposed implant locations are not initially suitable for implant placement. This course is focused on the surgical management of advanced implant and augmentation protocols for successfully treating compromised sites. Many of these sites require adjunctive procedures such as soft tissue grafting, bone grafting or a combination of both either simultaneously or in a phased approach. The goal is to develop a system that ensures minimal risk and maximizes the predictability of optimal treatment outcomes. Practical hands-on laboratory exercises, along with a multi-media approach will be used to illustrate and solidify all principles.

Course Objectives:

  • Learn to evaluate and treatment plan complex cases from start to finish.
  • Learn about flap manipulation and wound closure techniques
  • Gain an understanding of graft materials and growth factors currently being used to enhance outcomes
  • Learn procedures that are necessary to optimize peri-implant esthetics
  • Learn immediate implant placement, immediate load and provisionalization techniques
  • Treat and manage various types of implant complications due to surgical, prosthetic, and peri-implantitis


Kois Center Adjunct Course: “Surgical Implant Management I” (or equivalent experience level from other outside courses)