IV Sedation Recertification

May 16-17, 2014

Proven, safe and effective.

Medicine and dentistry are always evolving. Our IV Recertification course will help you keep your skills on the cutting edge.

There are many advantages of attending the IV Recertification course, including the following:

-New science – Learn up-to-date science and protocols that you can immediately apply in your practice -One-on-one instruction – Participate in one-on-one emergency training using SimMan® -Critical safety training – Refresh your safety skills using high-fidelity patient simulators -Real-life applications – Review IV case selection and protocols through real-life case studies -Refresh Your IV Sedation Dentistry Skills -IV sedation dentistry is a proven, safe and effective way to help patients—including those with high anxiety or those with physical responses including gagging or difficulty getting numb.

Course material includes a review of the science behind IV sedation along with a look at new protocols. Other key topics include the following:

-Neurophysiology -Patient selection and evaluation -Respiratory and cardiovascular anatomy and physiology -Pharmacology -Nitrous oxide analgesia -Local anesthetic review -Patient monitoring -Airway management -Emergency preparedness -Venipuncture and IV access -Intravenous drug administration -Medical and legal aspects of anesthesia administration