Invisalign: Practice Growth Seminar

Sep 5, 2014

This half day course is designed for doctors and team members who would like to increase their knowledge on treating, promoting and selling Invisalign. This lecture will cover techniques used in one of the top Invisalign practices and provide an airtight system to insure reproducible success. Developing strategies for phone inquiries, Invisalign consults and scripting will also be covered during the presentation.

Who Should Attend:

This course is for doctors and the entire dental team.

Educational Objectives:

Participants will learn:

  • The clinical scope of Invisalign and why it is the foundation for nearly everything done in the GP practice today
  • How to create an Invisalign photo protocol as a requirement for success with Invisalign
  • How to define the Invisalign process in the practice, how the front office helps identify Invisalign opportunities
  • How to increase conversion of Invisalign phone inquiries to Invisalign consults along with scripting


Clear Essentials I or Invisalign Fundamentals


Payam Ataii
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