Invisalign: Getting to Premier Provider and Beyond

Jun 26, 2014

Patient demand and awareness is at an all-time high for Invisalign and with millions of adults in North America in need of a better smile, the opportunity is even greater. This 4-hour program is designed for practices that are looking to understand how to move their Invisalign business from dabbling to a well-oiled Invisalign practice.

Educational Objectives:

Participants will learn to implement sure-fire ways to quickly become a top Invisalign provider including:

  • Strategies for winning the Invisalign consult and learning to understand the three obstacles to treatment – efficacy, fear of treatment, and the financial aspect of treatment acceptance
  • Seven point plan to maximize office team efficiency and how to employ an effective organized, systematic plan of action for all of your patients
  • The power of scripting responses, by learning the most effective scripting and closing methods to utilize with your prospective patients
  • Payment plans and profitability of 30 minute chair times: Understand how Invisalign is one of the most profitable procedures in your practice.


Clear Essentials I or Invisalign Fundamentals