Introduction to Dental Sleep Medicine

Aug 17, 2014

This course is intended to provide a comprehensive overview of diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea cases for dentists interested in adding this growth area to their practices. Dr. Veis will cover all aspects diagnosis and the sleep study, deciding which appliances to use for treatment, measuring and fitting the appliances, interacting with the fabricating lab, and how to manage the billings to medical insurance, including:

  • Introduction to sleep stages, disorders and why there is a need for treatment?
  • Sleep apnea signs/symptoms/clinical issues and treating sleep apnea via dental appliances
  • Protocol review
  • Services to do and read sleep tests
  • Overview of Appliances – pro’s and con’s of all of the major sleep appliances
  • Model analysis, Mixed dentition and how to take construction bites for making certain appliances
  • Group work on an actual case and diagnosing appliance
  • Services to fully take care of the medical billing for these services


Rob Vies
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