Introduction to Dental Sleep Medicine

Jul 27, 2014

Comprehensive Introduction to Dental Sleep Medicine: Every day we are inundated with new information on the negative effects of a poor night’s sleep. The link between Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and a host of other medical problems becomes clearer with every newly published article in the field of sleep medicine. If you are overweight, suffer from acid reflux or high blood pressure, or are just tired all the time, you may be a victim of Obstructive Sleep Apnea! Sleep Apnea is epidemic…and that means a large number of your patients are at risk. One of the best treatment options for OSA is the dental sleep appliance. With proper training, you can create a thriving sleep practice from your existing patient pool. Even if you never want to treat a patient for their sleep disorder, you are still responsible for recognizing the problem! In fact, every dentist should be actively screening their patients for this life threatening condition.

This course will teach you the basics you need to start integrating dental sleep medicine into your practice today, including:

Introductory overview of sleep disorders and their economic impact ♦ Societal impact of excessive daytime sleepiness ♦ The full scope of obstructive breathing — from snoring to UARS to Apnea. What is Snoring? What is Apnea? What is Hypopnea? What is RERA? ♦ Methods to treat OSA – surgical, CPAP, appliance therapy ♦ A review of the dentist’s role in the treatment of OSA ♦ Making the diagnosis- polysomnography, home studies vs. testing centers ♦ Working the team approach with physicians and labs ♦Screening patients for OSA — what to ask and what to examine ♦ Taking records- to enable treatment planning and medical legal protection ♦ Benefits of early intervention in pediatric patients who exhibit signs and symptoms of OSA ♦ Overview of the different kinds of appliances and how to select the right one for the individual patient ♦ How to get an appliance made that fits — Including proper impression technique and how to take a construction bite ♦ Evaluating, fitting and adjusting the appliance ♦ Getting paid! Understanding medical billing ♦ Follow-up protocols