Improving the Predictability of Restorative Outcomes Utilizing Tapered Dental Implants

Aug 1-2, 2014

This two-day interactive course guides the practitioner through approaching implant surgery with the end restoration in mind. From positioning the implant, to achieving primary stability and osseointegration, clinicians will learn to utilize a tapered implant system to create ideal support for a patient-specific restoration. Restorative-driven implantology has never been more accessible, as the prosthesis can now be specifically designed and manufactured to ensure optimal biocompatibility and esthetics for the individual case.

Participants will learn the fundamentals of implant placement in a model-based hands-on session. A surgical hands-on session will present the placement protocol of a tapered implant system, while a prosthetic session will allow the use of custom healing abutments, impression copings and temporization. Two live patient implant placement demonstrations will be presented utilizing the traditional and guided techniques. Emphasis will be placed on prosthetically driven implant placement and predictable final restoration.

Course Objectives

Course topics will include:

-Model-based, hands-on training

-Surgical and prosthetic protocols

-How to position tapered implants to achieve primary stability and osseointegration

-Creating ideal support for a patient-specific restoration

-Cone Beam CT scanning, CAD software and Digital Treatment Planning



Siamak Abai
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