NYC Implant Study Club

Jan 15, 2014

Held on Wednesday evenings from 6-8 pm every 4-6 weeks, this study club is designed for the practitioner who is actively practicing implant dentistry. Incorporating case reviews and the most current information in implant dentistry in an intimate and interactive setting, you will learn valuable information to bring your implant placement and restoration to the next level. You are encouraged to bring cases for group discussion.

The College of Dental Medicine is committed to offering programs that focus on current scientific and technological advances with an emphasis on practical application. Consistent with the belief that a lifetime of learning is necessary for continued competence in the health professions and that dental education must be a continuum that extends throughout one’s professional career, the College of Dental Medicine maintains a program of continuing education conferences and courses of varying lengths on diverse subjects. They are given throughout the academic year and are announced by special brochures, notices in publications, and special mailings.Continuing Education Courses at the College of Dental Medicine are designed to enable the practitioner to review and continue his or her educational experience in fields where research and its clinical application present constantly changing concepts of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.The College strives to offer courses that are relevant to the needs and interests of the participants.

Columbia University College of Dental Medicine (CDM) was established in 1916 as the School of Dental and Oral Surgery, when the school became incorporated into Columbia University. The College’s mission has evolved into a tripartite commitment to education, patient care, and research.

The mission of the College of Dental Medicine is to:

  • train general dentists, dental specialists, and dental assistants in a setting that emphasizes comprehensive dental care delivery and stimulates professional growth;
  • inspire, support, and promote faculty, pre- and postdoctoral student, and hospital resident participation in research to advance the professional knowledge base; and
  • provide comprehensive dental care for the underserved community of northern Manhattan.



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