Implant Mentoring II – Engel Institute

Jul 17-19, 2014

Live extraction, grafting membrane surgeries by attending doctors. Mentoring II is a continuation of the journey you began in Mentoring I. This course includes anterior placement and esthetics, grafting and complications – furthering your knowledge of the art of Implantology.

Day One

-Implant Complications, Identification, Srategizing the Diagnosis, Treatment -Gingival Anatomy, Gingival Histology, -Blood Supply -Flap Design Consideration, Anatomical Landmarks, Incision Design, Primary Closure -Suturing, Materials, Needles and Techniques

Day Two

-Autogenous Gingival Grafting, Case Selection,Preparation of Recipient Bed, Graft -Harvesting, Graft Suturing, Post-Op Care -Connective Tissue Grafting Case Selection, Preparation of Recipient Bed, Graft -Harvesting, Graft Suturing, Post-Op Care -Soft Tissue Procedures for Implants, Second Stage Surgery, Gingival Grafting, –Connective Tissue Grafting, Implant Placement to Minimize -Recession -Introduction to Implant Case Selection Procedures and Protocols -Hands-on Pig Jaw Workshop for Flap Design, -Soft Tissue Grafts and Suturing

Day Three

-All attending registered doctors will have the opportunity to perform the following procedures;

  • Extraction
  • Bone Grafting Placement
  • Membrane Placement


Holt Gray
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Tim Kosinski
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August De Oliveira
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Todd B. Engel
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