Immediate Loading of Implants with the Teeth In A Day® Protocol

Sep 15-16, 2014

The course reviews traditional dental implant surgery and current scientifically based techniques including Teeth In A Day using lectures, computer presentation, videos, as well as hands-on training and observation of live surgeries.  Intraoral live video gives participants the ”Surgeon’s Eye View” of the procedure and interactive discussion.  Courses are presented in a private clinical/teaching facility with full laboratory support.

Education Goal:

To familiarize participants with the surgical and prosthetic phases of the Teeth In A Day protocol.

Educational Objectives:

1).  To demonstrate the effect of osseointegrated dental implants on facial esthetics and improved oral function.

2).  To provide clinical patient management before, during and after dental implant rehabilitation.

3).  To provide post-prosthesis maintenance via oral hygiene, checking osseonintegration and the biological response to the implant on a 3-6 month recall program.



Thomas J. Balshi
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Glenn J. Wolfinger
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Stephen F. Balshi
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