Heritage & Healthcare in the Two Irelands Explore the Emerald Isle

Sep 10-20, 2014

Ireland’s current healthcare systems have evolved against the backdrop of an historical, religious and political heritage forming two Irelands: Northern Ireland, which remains part of the United Kingdom, and the Republic of Ireland, a sovereign independent Irish state in Europe. In both Irelands, there are two healthcare delivery sectors: the free public national health and social services system and the privately insured healthcare market. As new health system reforms are being implemented, we explore Ireland’s healthcare challenges and opportunities and discover strategies for improving healthcare delivery. Confronting the challenges of delivering quality patient care in the face of increased budget restrictions and resources within the overall framework of continued healthcare reform is fast becoming a global issue for healthcare practitioners. It is timely to provide an overview of the current status of healthcare delivery systems, their impact on populations and how key health issues are addressed in both Ireland and North America. By design, this program allows healthcare professionals to collaborate with colleagues and global counterparts to gain cross cultural perspectives and updates in the treatment and prevention of disease and offers opportunities to compare and contrast current best practices to provide quality patient care and outcomes in their own professional setting. In-Country Healthcare Topics Include:

  • Strategies for Integrating Private & Universal Healthcare Models
  • Addressing Key Disease Issues: Cardiovascular & Cancer
  • Impact of Ireland’s Healthcare Insurance System on Dental Care Delivery
  • Healthcare Systems Reform: Challenges & Opportunities
  • Primary Care: Prevention & Intervention Strategies for Improving Public Health
  • Geriatric & Palliative Care: From Hospital to Home Care
  • Hospital visits in both Dublin and Belfast