Hands-On Soft Tissue and Advanced Bone Grafting Course on Cadavers

Oct 24-26, 2014

This course is developed to enable the clinician to acquire the knowledge and confidence to perform bone grafting procedures in the maxilla & mandible. The program will cover surgical anatomy, pre/post surgical considerations, key steps to performing successful bone grafting procedures, socket/ridge preservation, ridge augmentation using allograft, monocortical autogenous block grafts, radiographic sinus interpretation, sinus lifts, platelet rich plasma and pathways for infection. Clinicians will have the unique opportunity to use the Piezotome in the cadaver (1) lab, which can be used for Implant Surgery, Sinus Lift, Bone Grafting, and Atraumatic Extraction.

By having a thorough understanding of these bone grafting procedures the clinician should be able to improve the success of their implant and non implant supported cases, as well as increasing esthetic results for patients.

After the course the clinician will have a comprehensive manual and a model to take back to their office and reference at any time.

Topics Covered:

-Surgical anatomy encountered during soft tissue, ridge & sinus grafting

-Pre & post surgical considerations

-Keys to successfully performing soft tissue and bone grafting procedures

-Ridge augmentation using allograft material

-Radiographic sinus interpretation

-Sinus lift and bone grafting procedure

-Platelet rich plasma (PRP)

-Surgical anatomy of autogenous block bone grafting

-Pre & post operative considerations

-Monocortical autogenous block onlay graft from symphysis

-Monocortical autogenous block onlay graft from ramus

-Use of regenerative barriers for bone grafting procedures

-Pathways of infection

-Hands-on models for sinus grafting

-Sinus lift and bone grafting procedure

-Ridge grafting using allograft material

-Hands-on models for harvesting block grafts

-Hands-on models for securing donor block grafts with bone screws

-Techniques for surgical closure

-Indications & applications for different soft tissue grafting materials and their techniques

-Pre- & post-operative patient instructions; medical considerations, management of post-operative complications

-Surgical principles for successful soft tissue grafting

-Harvesting of masticatory mucosa

-Soft tissue grafting with palatal tissue

-Pedicle & transpositional grafting

-Techniques for use of acellular dermis around teeth & dental implants

-Acellular dermis for predictable root coverage

-Coronally repositioned pedicle graft

-Surgical Consent

-Cadaver Surgery

Upon completion of this course participants should be able to:

-Describe anatomy and biology of the sinus, periodontal tissues around natural teeth and dental implants

-Describe the procurement and processing of allogenic tissue for dentoalveolar surgery, monocortical block grafts and sinus lifts.

-Identify indications and the application for acellular dermis grafting, palatal gingival grafting, subepithelial connective tissue grafting, soft tissue adjunctive procedures, sinus lift and block grafting procedures

-Describe the types of soft tissue allogenic material available, harvesting of masticatory mucosa, monocortical block grafts and the various surgical closure materials and techniques

-Understand the most up to date techniques for successful placement of soft tissue allografts, autografts, autogenous & allogenic root coverage, monocortical block grafts and sinus lifts.

-Learn the rationale and use of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

-Describe the management post-operative complications


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