Hands-on Implant Placement and Restoration on Cadavers Course

Oct 31 - Nov 2, 2014

This course is developed to enable the clinician to acquire the knowledge and confidence to perform advanced implant placement and restoration in the maxilla & mandible.

The program will cover surgical anatomy, pre & post surgical considerations, key steps to performing successful bone grafting and complex implant placement. Evaluation of the sinus will include the presence of abnormal anatomy, height, and width.

A review of implant prosthetics and material selection will improve the attendees’ ability to plan and execute complex reconstruction. Immediate implant placement with immediate provisionalization and final impressions, mandibular implant surgery and conversion of a full denture to a fixed hybrid will be performed on models and cadavers. By having a thorough understanding of these advanced implant procedures, the clinician should be able to improve their success of implant supported prosthetics, as well as increasing esthetic results for patients. Each participant will learn in a unique step-by-step fashion, followed by performing each of these procedures on freshly frozen cadavers and models under the direct supervision of the course faculty.

Topics Covered:

-Surgical workup – radiology, models, stents radiographic interpretation – maxilla, mandible, extraoral structures

-Surgical principles (flap management & closure, suture selection)

-Immediate implant placement (single tooth)

-Treatment planning for implant supported prosthetics

-Case design

-Materials selection

-Single unit model surgery with stent implant placement provisionalization

-Use of surgical guides

-Provisionalize single

-Mandibular complete RPD convert to hybrid

-Final impressions

-Immediate implant, provisionalization, final impressions

-Crestal approach immediate implants, provisionalization, final impressions

-Four implant edentulous mandible, provisionalization, and final impressions

-Hands-on model lab

-Hands-on cadaver lab

Learning Objectives:

-Understand how to properly diagnose and treatment plan implant patients. -Understand the biomechanics of alveolar bone and how they affect dental implant therapy. -Understand the pre and post-operative considerations for implant placement -Describe the techniques to perform implant placement. -Understand immediate implant placement in conjunction with socket & sinus grafting. -Understand fabric


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