Hands-on Basic Implant Placement Cadaver Course

Sep 19-20, 2014

This course includes the fundamental biomechanics & biology of bone as well as the rationale for the diagnosis, treatment planning and the clinical practice of placing root form dental implants. The course will also cover informed consent, pre and post surgical considerations, possible pathways for post surgical infection and management of post surgical complications.

Topics Covered:

-Head & neck anatomy

-Pathways of infection

-Pre-operative considerations for implant, periodontal and oral surgery

-Keys for successful implant therapy

-Biomechanics of jaw bone and its effect on implant therapy

-Progressive bone loading

-Current implant designs

-Implant protected occlusion

-Splinting- yeah or neah

-Cantilevers and dental implants

-Occlusal table design

-Implant consent forms

-Implant placement in healed extraction sites

-Extraction and immediate implant placement

-Extraction and socket preservations

-Post-operative guidelines

-Radiographic interpretation/identification of vital anatomic structures and possible sites for implant placement

-Clinical cases

-Demonstration of implant surgical kit

-Cadaver Lab

Learning Objectives:

-Understand how to properly diagnose and treatment plan implant patients

-Understand the biomechanics of alveolar bone and how they affect dental implant therapy.

-Understand the pre and post-operative considerations for implant and socket grafting

-Describe the techniques to perform socket grafting

-Understand when and why to use osteotomes during implant placement

-Describe how to obtain tension free primary surgical flap closure

-Understand the suture materials and techniques for successful implant placement, implant uncovering and socket grafting procedures.


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