Guided Bone Regeneration

May 4, 2014

Course Description:

This course consists of lecture and participation activities designed to expand the doctor’s knowledge of GBR concepts and procedures. Emphasis will be on recognizing the clinical indications and understanding the biological principles for guided bone procedure, exploring the latest techniques and materials available and understanding the rational of socket regeneration and preservation.

  1. Current concepts and principles of GBR, including socket preservation and management
  2. The advantages and limitations of GBR
  3. How to utilize titanium mesh membrane in bone regeneration
  4. The difference between various bone grafting materials and harvested autogenous bone
  5. Ridge augmentation using resorbable and non-resorbable membranes.

Hands-On Portion:

Attendees will drill on a lower pig jaw and place an implant. Bone graft materials will then be used with titanium mesh membranes and inserted on top of the implant.


The course is located only 20 minutes from NYC!


David Chong
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