Focus on Profitability for the Efficient Practice – Schein 2014 Fall Festival

Oct 17, 2014

Focus on Profitability for the Efficient Practice.

Are you working “in” your practice rather than “on” it? Learn to see the “big picture”, analyze the business side of your practice, and take solid steps toward increasing profitability.

As a participant, you will:

  • Gain insight into running a practice like a business
  • Be challenged to new thinking to survive in a changing world
  • Understand the cost of doing business

Hear strategies, tips and “pearls” on:

  • Coping with a Down Economy
  • Fee Profiling and PPO Strategies
  • Procedure Mix Enhancement
  • Optimum Staff Ratios
  • Hygiene Department Strategies

Also hear insight on how to:

  • Move from “cost-based” to “revenue-savvy”
  • Diminish broken appointments – an “economic killer”
  • Planning a productive and profitable future for your practice


Located 40 minutes from Philadelphia!


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