Fabricating Provisionals To Be Proud Of

Oct 24, 2015

Provisional restorations are dental prototypes that can ensure treatment success or doom it to compromise. This lecture presentation will provide a comprehensive overview for the entire dental team on how to make accurate and esthetically pleasing provisional restorations in a methodical and time effective way. Materials, optimizing esthetics, fit, and function will be presented for simplecrowns & bridges to advanced veneers, implants and reconstruction cases.

Dentist and staff teams will work together to fabricate several types of provisional restoration prototypes. Staff members will focus on single units and short fixed partial dentures while the dentists will focus on veneers and advanced anterior and esthetic functionally demanding provisional restorations. This workshop will focus on how to efficiently make accurate, functional, and highly esthetic provisional restorations.


  1. Learn how provisional restorations can be used to ensure esthetic and functional treatment success
  2. Learn how to fabricate provisional restorations efficiently
  3. Learn how to turn an average provisional into an esthetic masterpiece
  4. Learn how to apply the many techniques and materials available to fabricate simple to complex provisional restorations
  5. Learn how to use simple techniques to significantly enhance the esthetic results of provisional restorations
  6. Create an efficient dental team necessary for optimal treatment results