Excellence and Innovations in Anterior Composites: Direct & Indirect Techniques and the Totally New “Prefabricated” Composite Veneer System

Jul 23-26, 2014

This interactive hands-on course is featuring all aspects of direct composite in the smile frame. Participants will also learn the innovative protocol of fabricating partial adhesive restorat­ions and the totally new “pre-fabricated” composite veneer system.

Participants will learn » Free-hand bonding – the primary treatment option for anterior teeth » Perfect understanding of shading concept and optical properties » Conservative, biological, and esthetic solutions to many problems » Diastema closure, peg lateral build-up, large class IV, large crown build up » Veneering on endodontically treated discolored teeth » Nonorthodontic correction of rotated tooth » Establishing lateral guidance on worn down canines » Bleaching and microabrasion – everything the aesthetic practice needs to know

The benefit for you » Overcome the drawbacks in composites related to former systems and methods » Learn the “Natural Layering Concept” & appropriate selection of composite brands » Learn how to use the potential of direct techniques in the smile frame » Learn the mock-up and wax-up techniques in more complex situations » Achieve predictably outstanding natural and most esthetic results

Raise your anterior esthetic treatment to the highest level.

Explore, enjoy and take this course » Interceptive treatment of abrasions and erosion – diagnosis of early signs » Create a new occlusal scheme, vertical dimension , smile line and aesthetics » Recent developments of semi-direct or indirect fabrication techniques » Innovations – the totally new “pre-fabricated” composite veneer system


Didier Dietschi
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