Esthetic Full-Mouth Implant Reconstruction: Advanced Prosthodontic Techniques for Challenging Patients

Jul 25-27, 2014

Individual patient conditions may present challenges that are not readily addresses in a generic treatment approach.  Some of these include patients who are about to lose their entire dentition but refuse to remain without fixed restorations throughout treatment.  Other patients present with phonetic difficulties, lack of tongue space or poor adaptability to new prostheses.  Additional challenges involve edentulous patients who present with pre-existing implants in severely compromised positions.  These conditions require customization of the treatment plan to address specific patient needs.  The appropriate treatment sequence for these challenging conditions will be presented with attention to details that are critical to a successful reconstruction with proper esthetics and function.

Modules I & II Lectures include:

  • Diagnosis of advanced conditions
  • Advanced treatment planning and sequencing
  • Transitional implants to support fixed full-mouth restorations
  • Advanced framework designs for esthetics and maintainability
  • Restoration of implants with extreme angulations
  • Management of patients with advanced bruxism and parafunction
  • The Duplicate Backup Prosthesis concept and design
  • Laboratory techniques and procedures
  • Tools for supervising and coordinating laboratory work
  • Management of complications
  • Surgical considerations

Module III:  Hands-on Workshop, Implant Verification Cast and Impression

In this unique simulation, participants will learn to meticulously create a full-arch impression coping assembly and a verification cast that accurately represent the patient’s condition.  The verification case is designed to be sent tot he lab as a precise prescription for implant framework fit.  The technician can use it to form an accurate framework and cut and solder the predictability without the need to see the patient again; thus eliminating the need for intra-oral solder indices and multiple framework trials.  This is the core technique to establish accurate CAD/CAM frameworks with predictable passive fit.  It provides direct control over lab made frameworks, simplifies the treatment and enhances the predictability of implant reconstruction.


Harel Simon
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