Esthetic Diagnosis, Design, and Communication: The Foundation for Optimal Case Acceptance and Success

Sep 19, 2014

Esthetic Professionals Dental Education Center located in Tarzana, California is proud to highlight our founding faculty in a program that is essential for clinical success in esthetic. Optimal success in esthetic dentistry requires first that the patient accepts treatment and secondly that they are satisfied with the results. This process requires careful diagnosis, patient analysis, an understanding of esthetic goals, individual esthetic design, communication and finally implementation. The purpose of this lecture-demo-hands-on program is to provide the protocol necessary for comprehensive work up and planning for esthetic enhancement patients. A hands-on exercises in smile analysis and computer image manipulation will be completed. Please call Esthetic Professionals Dental Education Center in Tarzana, to register today for this unique program.


  1. Esthetic Diagnostic Procedures
  2. Facebows and Articulators (How and Why?)
  3. Esthetic Principles You Must Know
  4. Simplifying Esthetic Design
  5. Useful Aids for Optimal Esthetic Design
  6. Computer Image Manipulation for optimal Communication and Case Acceptance
  7. Working Up and Planning Complex Esthetic Case


  1. Perform a Comprehensive Esthetic Diagnosis Clinically
  2. Establishing Optimal Doctor Patient Relationships
  3. Using a Photographic Analysis Technique to Enhance Patient/Doctor Esthetic Understanding
  4. Getting your patient to Say ”Yes”
  5. Learn How to Use an Esthetically Driven Facebow and Articulator
  6. Computer Image Manipulation (computer training center)



Kristi A. Crispin
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Bruce J. Crispin
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