Engel Institute Implant Mentoring III – Advanced

Nov 9-12, 2016

Live surgical procedures by attending registered dentists on their own pre-selected patients.

Implants and prosthetics for the edentulous patient.

Edentulous patients present a challenging but rewarding opportunity for the general dentist.  Being able to sit down chair-side and provide a service for your patient where you can place 6-8 implants and convert an existing denture to one that is either screw retained or snaps onto the dentures can be both exciting and life changing.

**Included in the course fee will be course lecture on USB, all necessary hands-on materials, Implant for live surgery and meals (breakfast & lunch).

Day One, Two and Three

  • Detailed protocols and step-by-step guide of how to convert a denture chair-side into one that either snaps onto the implants or is screw retained
  • Hands-on course to practice the denture conversion process before you do it on the live patient
  • In-depth work using CT (cone-beam) scans and designing surgical CT guided stents to make the placement of dental implants more efficient and predictable.
  • Laboratory technicians on-hand to show you how you can convert these dentures in your office

Day Four

  • Live surgery where YOU will place 6-8 implants on an edentulous patient with a supervising mentor.


Todd B. Engel
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