Endodontics for the Pediatric Patient

Aug 15, 2014

Endodontic therapy in immature and mature permanent teeth has been a challenge in the past due to a number of variables that may be encountered during treatment.  Modern technology and the introduction of new materials have enhanced chances of success for different treatment modalities. These advances have created new possibilities for vital and non-vital pulp therapy in young patients, leading to tooth conservation.

At the conclusion of this course, you will:

  • Be able to diagnose pulpal and periapical pathosis in children and adolescents
  • Be able to create treatment plans according to the diagnosis
  • Understand the different techniques available for treating pulpal and periapical disease
  • Understand the challenges of regenerative endodontics
  • Learn when to treat and not to treat certain dental conditions in young patients


Rebeca Weisleder
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