Endodontic Techniques for Safe and Predictable Results. An Intense 2 Day Hands-on Workshop

Nov 7-8, 2014

An intensive two-day hands-on participation workshop teaches the differences between traditional, rotary NiTi, and reciprocating endo-dontic techniques. Learn procedures for stress free, safer, more time efficient and far less costly endodontics. The dentist will experience the elimination of hand fatigue, canal distortion and instrument separation while learning how to save on procedural costs.

Course objectives:

-Find and instrument narrow, curved canals.

-Experience the use of relieved reamers with reciprocating engine driven system.

-Learn how to properly use ultrasonic instruments during the endodontic procedure.

-Learn how canal anatomy influences endodontic instrumentation.

-Accomplish predictable 3 dimensional fills.

-Compare several of the popular root canal cements presently available.

-Learn how to place highly retentive posts with minimal stress.

-Experience the power of the surgical microscope to improve visibly and perform superior endodontics.

-View results immediately on the latest digital x-ray technology.


Barry Lee Musikant
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