Easier, Faster, Less Stressful Extractions For the General Dentist

Jun 27, 2014

Many extractions look easy but can soon become difficult, time-consuming and lead to complications. This course reviews the best techniques and instruments to remove “surgical” extractions easily and quickly while conserving bone. Multiple extractions and ridge preparation for dentures are also covered, along with the most common suturing techniques. In addition, Dr. Koerner reviews some uncomplicated socket-grafting methods, avoiding sinus problems. Other topics will be covered as time permits.

Upon completion of the course, you will be able to:

  • More easily do “surgical” or difficult extractions that frequently occur in general practice
  • Be more proficient at ridge preparation for immediate dentures
  • Select appropriate socket-grafting cases and have the knowledge to do them successfully
  • Perform oral surgery according to current standards of care


Karl Koerner
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