E4D: 451 Mastering Digital Dentistry: Smile Design

Oct 4-5, 2014

This exciting 2-day hands-on course will offer participants a unique insight into the replication of natural anterior esthetics while focusing on proper function and occlusal harmony. Mastering Digital Dentistry: Smile Design is a class that more than pays for itself. Before the class you will treatment plan, and then prepare and take impressions of your own six to eight-unit anterior case. Throughout the class you will use your models to complete the restorations using advanced contour and ceramic finishing techniques and when you return to the office, the restorations will be ready to place using the techniques learned in the course. Alternatively, participants can use the instructor’s study model.


-Occlusion, what’s behind the smile

-Simplified design techniques using “approved temporaries” and intraoral mock-ups

-Preparation designs for guaranteed CAD/CAM success

-Material selection for functional-esthetic success

-Steps for simple shade selection and block selection

-Understanding your bonding options

-CULP classifications for anterior tooth shape

-Six steps for creating anterior tooth shape and perfect esthetics

-Simple ceramic finishing techniques for creating ultimate esthetics



Completion of at least 30 CAD/CAM restorations.


E4D University Faculty
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