E4D: 372 Fundamentals of Digital Dentistry:  Veneers

Jul 21-22, 2014

This 2-day intermediate hands-on course will provide participants with the fundamentals of CAD/CAM veneers and basic anterior design skills. Participants will learn how to select, diagnose, prepare, and complete a 6-unit case during the course. Anterior scanning strategies, design techniques, milling and finishing skills are provided to create functional and highly esthetic veneers. Workflow and efficiencies to make these cases practical in the office will also be discussed. Participants will gain confidence in the full range of veneer possibilities, including a multiple prep-less veneer case.

The first day, participants will gain insight into preparation design and tissue management for veneers, followed by anterior scanning strategies as they work on a 6-unit case. After scanning the study model #6-11, bite registration and clone model, the topics of occlusion and anterior guidance will be addressed. Participants will design the case and mill it at the end of the day.

On the second day, participants will learn advanced finishing and stain and glaze techniques. They will also learn large case planning strategies for CAD/CAM in-office design and fabrication including keys for accurate pre-op models, photographs, model preparation, taking bite registration and occlusion principles.


-Tooth preparation design and tissue management for veneers

-Anterior scanning strategies

-Occlusion and anterior guidance

-Veneer case planning for success

-Designing veneers

-Characterization, staining and glazing for optimal esthetics



Completion of 30 CAD/CAM restorations


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