E4D: 371 Beyond the Basics

Oct 25, 2014

This two-day intermediate hands-on course will provide participants with comprehensive techniques on advanced scanning, design and practical principles needed to take your restorative system to the next level in clinical efficiency and functional esthetic success. CAD/CAM operators who have mastered single unit restorations will find this course invaluable in moving into quadrant dentistry and implant restorative care. Participants will return to their offices with procedures, techniques and confidence to take their restorations to the next level of function and beauty.

During the first day, participants will gain insight into the replication of posterior and anterior esthetics while focusing on proper function and occlusal harmony in posterior cases that include an onlay, an implant, and opposing preps and an anterior 4-unit full crown and veneer case. Participants will learn how to achieve special effects in staining and glazing these restorations.

The second day, it is recommended that participants bring with them a poured and mounted posterior case (2 units) to scan and design. Participants will return home with the finished designs that they can mill at the practice. The class will also cover considerations in minimal and no reduction cases, designing a crown under a partial, as well as restorations for implants in the posterior and anterior regions. The course includes a discussion of business considerations in the E4D dental practice and explores the potential for E4D with a full mouth restorative case presentation.


-Effective case and treatment planning by the Dentist-Assistant team

-Tooth preparation for scan and design efficiency

-Tips and techniques for optimal tissue management

-Multiple design sequence options for increased speed

-Implant restorative tips and tricks

-Material selection for functional and esthetic success

-Advanced stain and glaze techniques

-Better understanding of placement techniques