E4D: 361 Front & Center Anterior Excellence – Regional Workshop

Nov 23, 2014

This intermediate level course starts with a theory of anterior esthetics and continues through the importance of prep design and models/diagnostics, scanning techniques, design strategies and efficiencies, and finishes with color, shades, and contour techniques. During the class, participants will have the opportunity to work on a four-unit case with a combination of veneers and full crowns.


-Gain a better understanding of anterior esthetics

-Learn time-saving scanning techniques

-Learn how prep design impacts the entire restorative workflow

-Learn how to efficiently use models/diagnostics for larger anterior cases

-Gain an understanding of the software design elements and process

-Learn how to create lab-quality esthetics


Note: This course is focused on design techniques and efficiency and advanced finishing and characterization with pre-loaded/pre-milled cases on laptop computers.

Completion of this course may satisfy a portion of the CAD/CAM Dental Designer (CDD) course requirements and when combined with the CAMp OUT workshop, may satisfy all except for the CDD clinical requirements.


Completion of at least 20 E4D restorations


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