Direct Resin Artistry: Simple, Predictable, Easy!

Jan 24-26, 2014

Direct resins in the anterior and posterior dentition have become a common day-to-day treatment modality, and can produce functional, long lasting and highly aesthetic restorations. The philosophy of the course is to introduce a more simple technique, which results in a highly aesthetic restoration, which is easy to place, with instruments common to all dental offices, using minimal shades of composite resin. The program is extremely practical, user friendly and is 2/3 hands on.

Course Objectives:

Preparation design and protocol to reduce the risk of voids, bond failure and sensitivity. Flowable composite as a liner: why, when and how? Heating composite resin: the pros and cons. The influence of C-Factor. How to assess the occlusal scheme pre-operatively and accurately build up your restoration so that little, if any, occlusal adjustment is necessary. A simplified, stratification technique using external and internal tints and a novel placement technique to consistently achieve lifelike resin restorations. An overview of matrix systems…choosing the best for each situation to achieve anatomical contours in a class 2 situation. The use of tints to seamlessly blend the restoration with the surrounding tooth structure. Which ones to use and how to customize and modify them. – Strategies for the direct restoration of the broken down tooth. Shade Selection: De-mystify the science and use it as a practical day-to-day tool. How to harness anatomy to create optical illusions, which result in restorations, which are invisible to the human eye, with lifelike incisal halos and effects such as crack lines and opacities. How to produce a rapid, inexpensive indirect mock up and silicone index to precisely determine lingual contours and incisal edge position. How to handle class 4s, direct resin veneers, discolored teeth and diastema closure: all illustrated with step-by-step clinical cases in a “cookbook” approach.


Jason Smithson
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