Diode Laser Practice Refinement with Optional 2nd Day Hands-On Clinical Simulation Workshop

May 30-31, 2014

Enrich Your Patients Health and Increase Your Productivity by Making Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy Part of Your Hygiene Schedule. Laser is changing the way traditional Dental Hygiene is viewed and practiced. This program will explore the value and benefit of Hygiene Laser assisted therapy that maximizes clinical end-point and the healing effect of the Laser. You will learn how laser debridement meets the demands in treating both Biofilm infection and the host-immune inflammatory side of the periodontal infections through the absorption of light energy. Join in as we take this journey of scientific discovery that will shift your skills to another level of dependable and predictable healing through technologically advanced levels of patient care.

Course Objectives

As a result of attending this course, you will:

-Understand the science of laser wavelengths and their absorption characteristics.

-Discuss the key elements of laser safety.

-Explain how the Diode functions and produces the unique characteristics of laser energy.

-Identify how 810 Diode laser energy interacts at all levels of the periodontal infections and why.

-Expand your existing Hygiene treatment model through the adjunctive use of lasers.

-Apply the benefits of using a diode laser in conjunction with conventional SRP in the reduction of bacteria in periodontal pockets.

-Interpret laser tissue interaction, power settings and the various techniques used to obtain optimal clinical outcome with periodontal therapy, recall, medically compromised patients and difficult to manage areas.

-Incorporate laser protocols and implement clinical decisions that minimize inflammation for at risk patients through expanded laser recall management.

-Increase the number of Doctor assisted laser surgical and Hygiene periodontal therapy and laser recall management procedures scheduled per day and profit from your patients saying “yes” to the incorporation of laser technology.

Saturday Optional 2nd Day Hands-On Clinical Simulation Workshop

Limited to 25 participants

Join us as we take the voyage of discovery through diode laser techniques in this dynamic hands-on clinical simulation workshop. Learn the specifics of laser fiber optic delivery and experience the delicate nature of using a laser device. Working with simulation exercises, this workshop is designed to build confidence and gain clinical understanding in the delivery of periodontal treatment protocols in Hygiene by using a Diode Laser.

Prerequisite: Diode Laser Practice Refinement Lecture

Course Objectives

As a result of attending this course, you will:

-Engage in the safe operation of the Diode Laser Device.

-Experience the clinical methods associated with laser sulcular debridement, disinfection, and decontamination and the technique used to obtain optimum clinical results. Identify the variables of laser energy settings and protocols as they apply to the treatment of gingivitis, chronic, and aggressive periodontitis.

-Understand thermal disinfection by using live lasers during mock clinical exercises

-Learn the specifics of initiated and bare fiber tip applications for treating the periodontal infections.

-Experience the ergonomic value of laser assisted Dental Hygiene as you participate in advanced laser instrumentation techniques with typodonts and laser handpieces.


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