Diagnosing, Planning, and Sequencing Complex Reconstructions

Sep 27, 2015

Esthetic Professionals Dental Education Center in Tarzana California is pleased to have Dr. Bruce J. Crispin, a board certified Prosthodontist, present how to work up and plan the treatment sequence for complex reconstructions.

The most important part of successfully completing complex reconstruction is what you do before you start preparing teeth. The diagnostic phase should be organized and methodical for almost every case. Learning when and how to get the right information is critical. Secondly, learning how to manage patients can make or break a complex case. Learn Dr. Crispin’s tricks to get patients to say yes and stay out of trouble. Pre-restorative therapy is a treatment area that is misunderstood and often overlooked. This is a unique portion of this program that is not being taught in other teaching institutions. Finally, it is necessary to master the use of a contemporary articulation system. A hands-on portion of this program will teach you how to use facebows and program articulators. This is the second day of the ”Advanced Fixed Prosthodontics Residency.” If you decide to continue on in this residency program, start looking for a complex case to treat. EP has a limited supply of cases but they are on a first come, first served basis.


  1. Managing the complex reconstruction patient
  2. Diagnostic work up and sequencing
  3. Treatment plan VS plan of treatment
  4. Prescription review
  5. Pre-restorative therapy
  6. Matrix bonding
  7. Splint therapy part I


  1. Facebow transfer
  2. Interocclusal registrations made easy and reproducible
  3. Lateral check bites to program articulators
  4. Anterior deprogrammer


Bruce J. Crispin
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