Dental Sleep Medicine and Oral Appliance Seminar: An In-Depth, Hands-On Course

Jul 10-11, 2015

This intensive two-day hands-on seminar is intended for dentists who are currently managing obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) via the use of oral appliances, or those who are interested in learning how to do so. This course will feature lectures, hands-on workshops, and input from a sleep physician on best practices regarding OSA treatment.

Oral devices are increasingly used in dental practices in order to manage mild to moderate OSA in patients, and even to manage severe OSA among patients who cannot tolerate CPAP therapy. This course will promote a collaborative approach to OSA therapy by incorporating the expertise of both a dental oral appliance expert and a sleep medicine physician. By incorporating both perspectives, participants will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of OSA treatment methods, and to learn best practices for the management of this increasingly common problem.

Today’s dental professionals are recognized as being part of the multidisciplinary therapeutic team for the management of obstructive sleep apnea by helping to identify signs, symptoms and risk factors that contribute to the development of OSA. Screening, examination and referral for diagnosis are the first 3 steps taken prior to the management of this medical condition with oral appliance therapy. Side effects including TMD symptoms may develop as a result of short or long-term use of oral devices and it is recommended that dentists offering oral appliance be educated about the diagnosis, prevention, and management of common side effects, including TMD.

Course lectures will provide the most up to date information in the fields of sleep and dental sleep medicine, including clinical protocols and innovations in clinical techniques allowing today’s practitioners to achieve more successful treatment outcomes. This seminar will also emphasize the diagnosis and management of common temporomandibular disorders resulting from either short or long-term use of oral appliances.

This course will also feature an extensive hands-on workshop, giving participants the ability to develop and improve skills in sleep and TMD clinical examinations, bite registration techniques, morning jaw repositioning, and daytime oral device fitting and adjustments.

For the hands-on workshop: participants are encouraged to bring two lower models and two mouth guards(of their own) for use in the course. The instructor will use these to demonstrate the process of fitting and adjustments.

Participants are also welcome to send in clinical case documentation that they would like to review with the instructor. Case documentation should be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the course in order to give time for the instructor to review it.

Other course topics will include:

  • Reading and Interpretation of sleep studies
  • Recent evidence for mandibular advancement devices
  • Predictive and new monitoring technologies for MAD
  • Newer treatment options for OSA
  • Physician dentist collaboration, challenges and opportunities
  • Diagnosis and management of common temporomandibular disorders
  • Clinical Examination of TMD – sleep patients
  • Medical record documentation
  • Unbiased review of oral appliances
  • Oral appliance therapy clinical protocols

Learning Objectives

  • Understand methods of treating OSA through oral appliances
  • Be able to adjust the fitting of oral appliances to improve function and patient comfort
  • Understand how dentists and sleep physicians can work together to promote improved patient care for OSA patients
  • Understand possible complications, including TMJ, that may occur as a result of OSA treatment methods


Jagdeep Bijwadia
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