Dental Implants & Esthetic Dentistry – Postgraduate Program in Contemporary & Esthetic Dentistry: Level III

Mar 6-8, 2014

Would you like to provide more dental implants in your practice?

You will learn how to expand esthetic possibilities for your patients through increased understanding and skill with dental implants in the esthetic zone. You will gain practical knowledge on:

  1. Patient selection and treatment planning,
  2. Surgical phases of implant treatment,
  3. Restorative options,
  4. Immediate temporization, and
  5. Perioesthetics related to dental implants. You will benefit from practical lectures, laboratory experiences (including temporization), clinical demonstrations and interactions with speakers and colleagues.

You will not need to bring a patient for this module. However, you will need to treat an implant patient in your practice between the two course weekends. You will need to:

  1. Treatment plan—be prepared to treatment plan at least one patient during the first weekend session
  2. Complete—the surgical/prosthetic work between the first and second weekend sessions
  3. Present—the completed case or case in progress during the second weekend session. Four hours of credit will be given for your in-office work

After completing this course, you will be better prepared to:

  • diagnose and treatment plan dental implants into the overall restorative and esthetic treatment plan.
  • construct a surgical guide for implant placement.
  • provide basic surgical placement of dental implants on patients.
  • carry out immediate temporization following implant surgery.
  • provide all restorative aspects of implant treatment.
  • perform appropriate maintenance and troubleshooting with dental implants.
  • integrate dental implant treatment into your practice.


James Q. Swift
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