Dental Assistant’s Course: Sedative and Medical Emergencies in the Pediatric Dental Office

Oct 24, 2014

This one-day course is specially designed for the pediatric dental assistant to enhance their knowledge and understanding of sedation emergencies and other emergent medical conditions in the office. An introduction to oral sedatives and using nitrous oxide/oxygen sedation will be included. Participants will learn how to organize and prepare the office for an organized response to a medical emergency and how to assist in the management of medical and sedation emergencies.

Upon completion of the course, the dental assistant should have a better understanding of:

-The continuum of sedatives and anesthesia.

-The anatomical, physiological and pharmacological issues specific to the pediatric patient.

-Anatomical and pharmacological aspects of local anesthesia

-The different types of oral sedatives and the use of nitrous oxide/oxygen sedation

-What types of emergency drugs and equipment are available and their uses

-How to prepare the pediatric dental office for an organized response to a medical emergency

-Diagnosing and assisting in the management of sedative/medical emergencies


Morton Rosenberg
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