DALS® Dental Advanced Life Support

Aug 22-24, 2014

Emergency Response Made Clear

Would you be prepared to handle a medical emergency in your office? DALS® provides you with all the training needed to handle a crisis with confidence.

When you enroll in DOCS Education’s Dental Advanced Life Support course, you’ll gain the following advantages:

Immediately applicable lessons – Leave with the knowledge to set up your office and train your team

Peace of mind – Create an emergency medical plan for your office, and rest easy knowing that you’re prepared

Hands-on training – Receive practical training to handle common emergency scenarios Specifically-targeted information – Get emergency training that was designed by dentists for the dental office

Prepare Yourself. Protect Your Patients.

You never know when a patient will suddenly suffer a life-threatening health crisis in your office. What would you do? Is your staff ready?

Dental Advanced Life Support (DALS®) is the class every dentist must take. Our certified emergency professionals will teach you the essential skills to respond to respiratory failure, airway obstruction and cardiac problems.

Our course is specifically designed for dental offices. Using patient simulators, we’ll show you how to respond in a real-life emergency utilizing common dental office equipment.

You’ll complete all the skills and written examinations needed to become an ACLS provider.