Cruise & Learn: Heart of the West

Aug 19-22, 2015

Ride the unbelievable Million Dollar Highway

Southwestern Colorado is covered with Rocky Mountain Peaks that rise 14,000 feet and more above sea level. This ride gives you the experience of riding, eating, sleeping, smelling, and seeing some of the most beautiful highways in the U.S. in some of the highest mountain peaks of the country. Telluride, Colorado, in a small box canyon surrounded by 14,000-ft peaks, is the true heart of the Rockies in my opinion. The Million Dollar Highway to Durango will take your breath away. This truly is the heart of the West. Add to this an overnight in Moab, Utah, and Arches National Park and you have the frosting on this great ride among the wild flowers of the Rockies during their peak season. Oh, by the way, did we mention great continuing education?


Gordon Christensen
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