Cruise & Learn: Healthcare Perspectives from Down Under Australia & New Zealand

Jan 27 - Feb 8, 2015

It’s more than koalas and kangaroos. It’s an emotional impact of incredible modern architecture, fascinating aborigine and Maori culture, and miles of breathtaking coastlines. Sail out of Sydney harbor and let the adventures begin. Enjoy a day in Tasmania and see why Hobart is justifiably recognized as one of the world’s most beautiful harbor cities. Your next days will be discovering the Sounds and inlets of the New Zealand coastline with its impossibly beautiful scenery from rugged mountains, fjords and endless landscape of deserted beaches. Experience the ancient culture of the Maoris. Do not forget its famed vineyards and woolens as well. A panorama of views each day.

Seminar Overview

Changing population demographics and increasing chronic disease patterns are key factors impacting primary healthcare practice and delivery in the Pacific Rim arena. Confronting the challenges of delivering quality patient care in the face of these emerging changes is fast becoming a global issue for medical practitioners. Healthcare professionals in the US, Australia and New Zealand share these challenges. Community healthcare development in both areas reflects the need to establish new best practice protocols dealing with the increasing longevity of human populations and the growth of geriatric and palliative care needs. In addition, providing better prevention and treatment strategies addressing obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer is a continuing challenge for both areas. Now, more than ever, it is important for healthcare professionals to collaborate with colleagues and global counterparts to gain cross-cultural perspectives and updates in the treatment and prevention of disease. By design, this program offers opportunities for professionals to compare and contrast current best practices to provide quality patient care and outcomes in their own professional setting. In-Country Healthcare Topics Include:

  • Changing Demographics & Chronic Disease Patterns in the Pacific: Impact on Healthcare Practice
  • From the Aborigines to the Maori: Healthcare Challenges in Indigenous Cultures
  • Overview of New Zealand Healthcare System: Challenges and Best Practice Strategies
  • From Treatment to Prevention: The Upside from Down Under
  • Updates in Travel Medicine and Medicine at Sea
  • Treatment & Prevention of Chronic Diseases including Diabetes, Obesity, & Cardiovascular disease
  • Updates in Geriatric & Palliative Care for Aging Populations

NOTE: In addition to the above planned in-country topics, Distinguished PES Guest Speakers present current healthcare topics relating to their practice specialties in medicine, dentistry, nursing and allied health.