Cruise & Learn: Healthcare Considerations in Isolated Communities – Galapagos Family Adventure

Jun 29 - Jul 7, 2014

Confronting the challenges of delivering quality patient care in the face of limited budgets and resources is fast becoming a global issue for healthcare practitioners. Medical professionals in both North and South America share these challenges, especially in remote areas where healthcare access and delivery are further limited. Community healthcare in both Americas also reflects the emerging need to establish new best practice protocols dealing with the increasing longevity of human populations and the growth of geriatric and palliative care needs. In addition, providing treatment and prevention strategies addressing chronic disease issues such as cardiovascular, obesity, and diabetes are a continuing challenge for both continents. Now, more than ever, it is important for medical and dental professionals to collaborate with colleagues and global counterparts to gain cross-cultural perspectives and updates in the treatment and prevention of medical and dental problems. By design, this program offers opportunities for professionals to compare and contrast current best practices to provide quality patient care and outcomes in their own professional setting. In-Country Healthcare Topics Include:

  • Community Healthcare Delivery in the Gal√°pagos: Overview
  • Key Health Issues in the Islands
  • Dental Care: Availability and Challenges
  • Family and Child Care: Population Control and Disease Prevention

NOTE: In addition to the above planned in-country topics, Distinguished PES Guest Speakers present current healthcare topics relating to their practice specialties in medicine, dentistry, nursing and allied health.