Cruise & Learn: 7-Night BERMUDA Cruise from NYC – Stress Free Predictable Endodontics

Jul 27 - Aug 3, 2014

In any scientific field there will always be differences of opinion, and in endodontics there is no exception. Several extremely important topics will be addressed.

The question of when one visit or multiple visits should be performed. There are indications for both, and we will discuss there importance.  Secondly, in the obturation of the apex different schools of thought exist. Both lateral condensation and warm vertical compaction are performed. Graphically, you will see both techniques for comparison.

The indication of the non-surgical treatment vs. the surgical treatment takes place in both medicine and dentistry. We will identify the problems involved and think it through in a logical manner.

Last but not least, would you rather retain the natural dentition than implant?

These debates make our profession exciting and stimulating. It attracts researchers to uncover evidence based answers. We are constantly growing as it should be.

A comprehensive stress-free systematic approach ensuring a predictable and consistent endodontic procedure will be discussed.  Endodontic concepts and technology have dramatically advanced in recent years. This seminar will address the critical elements of success and consistency in both vital and pulpless teeth. These elements include simplifying the endo diagnosis, proper access, meticulous cleaning and shaping, incorporating nickel titanium rotary instrumentation. Finally, obturation of the root canal system utilizing vertical condensation with warm gutta percha, ensuring the root canal is filled in 3 dimensions.

Challenging diagnostic cases of perio-endo, cracked tooth syndrome, and surgical cases will be presented.

Also discussed will be the utilization of implants when indicated. Clinical utilization of YSGG laser technology in endodontics will also be presented.

At the conclusion, the participants should be better able to execute proper treatment of endodontic cases.

Participants are urged to bring challenging cases that will be discussed in order that we may all benefit.


Allen R. Helfer
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