Crown Lengthening Workshop

Dec 5, 2015

See evidence-based solutions for many of the practical issues that you face on a daily basis, then learn to predictably and effectively manage these issues.  This one-day workshop will show how to solve these problems. It will also ensure that you are current in your treatment planning choices.

The procedures that you learn and perform during this crown lengthening seminar will empower you to deal with:

Cusps fractured below the gingiva: Evaluate methods to determine the best solution. Is it lasers, extraction, extrusion, or crown lengthening? Preps under the gingiva and not getting good impressions: Discover the methods available to solve those issues. Planning esthetic restorations in the anterior and faced with uneven tissue, or a “gummy smile”: Learn how best to manage the excess tissue and achieve superior esthetic results. This workshop is suitable for clinicians with or without surgical experience. We have designed it to provide you with all the principles of hard and soft tissue surgery necessary to plan and carry out actual crown lengthening procedures, or else enough information to enhance your understanding should you choose to refer it out.  Participants will see the indications and benefits of these procedures and how they improve dental health, produce better restorative results, and result in happier patients.  Happy patients in turn lead to more referrals!



James Kohner
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