Creating More Pankey: Predictable Restorations: A Crown Lengthening Workshop

Sep 18, 2014

This Hands-on Workshop is timely in that with today’s focus on so many new restorative techniques we sometimes forget foundational concepts that can help with obtaining better restorative results. Learning about these Crown Lengthening concepts will give participants a better opportunity to “Apply Your Knowledge”, plus overcome everyday restorative problems such as:

*Managing cusps fractured below the gingiva

*Prepping  too deeply,  which prevents predictable impressions or results in red, sore marginal tissues

*Planning esthetic restorations in the anterior while facing uneven gingival levels or a “Gummy Smile”

It fits nicely into the quality restorative approach at the Institute by being an adjunct to the restorative and occlusal principles that are taught. The impact that it has on the practice is to allow for greater predictability, reliable impressions, and happier patients, by offering evidence based solutions to the above  everyday issues faced by all restorative dentists. It will also result in them having the peace of mind that they are current in their treatment planning choices.

Learning Objectives

  • Make predictable impressions every time
  • Review principles of Biologic Width
  • Learn why crowns come loose and how to prevent it
  • Save chair time and be more profitable
  • Understand causes of red gum tissue around margins
  • Diagnose esthetic crown lengthening
  • Understand the Gummy Smile
  • Coordinate surgery with restorative procedures


James Kohner
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