Craniofacial Epigenetics with the DNA Appliance

Aug 8-10, 2014

The Essential Pearls:

CranioFacial Epigenetics & Pneumopedics Certification for DNA Appliance® System Sleep Apnea Application of DNA Appliance® System

This HANDS-ON training program offers the essentials for CranioFacial Epigenetics and its Application to sleep with the DNA Appliance® System. Dr. Cortes has found that you cannot separate facial enhancement from sleep apnea and TMD dysfunction.  With this course you will be able to diagnose the above and to know how to apply the DNA Appliance® System to these conditions.

Dr. Cortes has taken the DNA Appliance® System and has applied it to over 400 cases inclusive of: TMD, Pain, Sleep Apnea and facial enhancement.

When she teaches, Dr. Cortes passes along the pearls to a successful and ever-evolving practice.


Martha Cortés
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