Comprehensive Pediatric Dentistry for GPs

Jul 13, 2014

Today’s parents demand the best restorations of their children and teen’s teeth for function and esthetics. Discussions will include: Glass ionomers, resinomers, composites, and various types of crowns ♦ Esthetic facings for stainless steel crowns and chairside/lab steps ♦ Space maintainers indications and the easy fabrication of removable and fixed appliances, including a space maintainer reference chart for each development stage ♦ Band seating, removing and cementation. ♦ Review of traumatic injuries and their treatments, including pulp therapies ♦ Invulsions, dislocations, avulsions and the Ellis Classification of injuries ♦ Radiographic techniques for hard and soft tissue injuries ♦ Reimplantation of permanent incisors, including splinting mechanisms ♦ The dark primary incisor and treatment of trauma to primary teeth.


Fred Margolis
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