CEREC Mastery – Level 2 – Rapid Integration Into Your Practice

Aug 7-8, 2015

You’ve completed Patterson Beginning Orientation (Level 1) and viewed the training videos on cerecdoctors.com. Now it’s time to expand your CEREC knowledge and learn how to make better use of the CEREC technology and 4.3 software.

CEREC Mastery lays down the fundamentals for CEREC success so that you will be able to practice ideal occlusion with shorter, stress-free CEREC appointments. Designed for new and long-term users alike, Level 2 gives you the skill set necessary to use the software to its fullest capabilities. You will get a thorough review of what it takes to make the CEREC process predictable and efficient. Recommended for new owners and those owners who are looking to build a solid foundation for all CEREC knowledge.

All cerecdoctors.com hands-on workshops are conducted on Omnicams utilizing the latest 4.3.x software.

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Participants Will Learn:

  • Understand the Virtual Articulator function of the software. How to use it and for what clinical situation.

  • Secrets to Functional Beauty. How to create the best proposal possible.

  • Become efficient with inventory and use of the CEREC blocks

  • Determine the importance of Prep and Picture the key to all CEREC success with both Bluecam and Omnicam

  • Thoroughly understand and review each design technique Biogeneric, Biogeneric Copy and Biogeneric Reference

  • Understand the importance of proper preparations for all ceramic dentistry

  • Understand how to design and mill multiple restorations adjacent as well as opposing restorations

  • Understand the importance of the Model Axis and other tools with both the Bluecam and Omnicam

  • Appreciate the range of materials choices and their indications

  • Learn how to mix and match various design techniques, including Biogeneric and Biogeneric Copy for the same patient

  • Use advanced techniques to increase the efficiency of your CEREC fabrications

  • Understand how to send your cases to the laboratory using CEREC Connect

  • Manage multi-unit fixed partial denture cases with CEREC, from temporization to digital fabrication of the final restorations

  • Manage multi-unit CEREC Connect cases

  • Understand the various imaging techniques used with the Bluecam and Omnicam

  • Have a thorough understanding of the bonding protocol and various types of cements available, from self-etching to total etch

  • Learn how to fabricate chairside temporary bridges in multiple modes