Cerec Level 6: Fundamentals of Cerec and Galileos Integration

Nov 13-14, 2014

This course will give you the experience to utilize the GALILEOS for surgical planning of implants and understand the fundamentals of guided implant surgery. Intended for clinicians who are interested in, new to, or moderately experienced with implant therapy. This two-day lecture will take you from A to Z in all aspects of guided-implant planning using the GALILEOS and the CEREC, as well as a complete understanding all of the different guided systems that are available to work with the CEREC and GALILEOS Integration protocol. Learn the basics of implant placement using the guided protocol, and the advantages and disadvantages of each surgical system.

In the demonstration portion on Day 2, students will watch a surgical case that imports the CEREC models into the GALILEOS software, and virtually places the implants in the ideal position. Participants will then view a fabrication of surgical guide for implant placement.


-Understand the fundamentals of CEREC and Galileos Integration -Understand the influence of Restoratively driven implant treatment planning using CEREC -Grasp the fundamentals of planning and fabricating a radiographic scanning template for Galileos scanning and how the surgical guide is prepared. -Know how to design, export, and import prosthetic proposals designed by CEREC into Galileos Implant Software -Understand the tools within the Galileos Software for Implant Treatment Planning -Understand the process of fabricating CEREC provisionals using model based surgery with surgical guide -Understand the basics of Guided Surgery and Instrumentation using siCAT Guides -Understand the CEREC Guide workflow and fabrication process.