Cerec Level 4 – Mastering Cerec Anteriors

Sep 27-28, 2014

Many doctors don’t realize the full potential of their CEREC technology because they don’t use it to its full capacity. Some feel they can only use CEREC for posterior teeth, and consequently they lose out on the opportunities offered by anterior CAD/CAM dentistry. In fact, with CEREC you can achieve better esthetic results than you would with high quality labs.

Advanced CEREC Mastery provides you with the tools necessary to complete any anterior case with ease, positively impacting your productivity, clinical quality and client service excellence.

Patterson training vouchers accepted


-Integrate anterior CEREC restorations into your everyday practice of dentistry -Master the proper preparation requirements for all ceramic restorations for anterior teeth -Understand the appropriate parameters that affect anterior teeth -Practice Biogeneric, Biogeneric Reference and Biogeneric Copy design techniques as related to anterior teeth -Predictably prep, design and mill single unit and multi unit anterior restorations -Choose the best design modes for anterior restorations -Predictably prep a full eight to 10 unit veneer case and stitch it to your wax up -Ensure your image stitching is consistently successful, using your newly acquired tools and techniques -Learn bonding techniques that will make multiple anterior restoration cementation easy and predictable -Understand the relevance, techniques and indications for anterior stain and glaze -Know the appropriate use and indications for use of an imaging jig -Optimize case acceptance during treatment planning -Utilize the CEREC camera for large anterior and full arch scans -Understand the importance of contouring anterior teeth


-Discover the 1 Day smile makeover -Learn to restore multiple anteriors with ease and predictability -Smile design and prep techniques that will simplify your practice -Master the art of seating a full smile makeover simultaneously and easily in less than an hour -Learn how to apply concepts learned to both Bluecam and Omnicam imaging -Learn how to integrate the smile design module in CEREC