Carestream Hands-On Workshop: 3D Imaging Software

Oct 17, 2014

This interactive program will provide advanced training to clinicians on Carestream Dental’s 3D imaging software. During the program, each attendee will be provided with a computer workstation and sample clinical cases for study. A course guide will lead each attendee through a series of learning steps to improve performance and provide a systematized way to view the scans. Detailed information on acquiring high quality 3D data sets and advance instruction on software tools and functions will be discussed. At course completion, attendees should be able to optimally navigate the 3D image volumes provided to improve diagnosis, treatment planning, documentation and customized report generation.

Course Objectives:

  • Understanding the layout and functions of the 3D software
  • Reviewing each slicing tab and its functions
  • Navigating the 3D dataset and getting the best 3D rendering
  • Rotating, tilting and cropping 3D rendering
  • Reformatting the data, implant planning functions, and endodontic views
  • Implant library and virtual implant placement
  • Printing, exporting and sharing the dataset
  • Reporting options and customization of reports


Ryan Roosekrans
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